Kandace Jordan is the orchestrator of the site.   With a doctorate in leadership, she has over thirty-five years’ experience as a school leader and psychologist and has held various school and system leadership positions including Deputy Superintendent of schools, psychologist, teacher, and counsellor.   She has experience as chair of multiple educational, psychological, and interagency groups; done private practice psychological work, been a sessional university Instructor and graduate research supervisor; presented locally, nationally, and abroad on topics relating to leadership, learning, and psychology.

Jeff Grimsdale is a Director of Learning.  He has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, and significant experience in a variety of leadership roles including principal and instructional coach. He is the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Coordinator, oversees the Early Numeracy Intervention Program, and Instructional Media Centre.  He sits on various provincial committees including the Math Minds Advisory Board and the Alberta Assessment Consortium.  He works provides direct support in the areas of numeracy, data analysis, assessment for learning, new curriculum, and staff professional development.  He has co-developed an Educational Leadership Advanced Certificate Course and been a guest lecturer on the topics of Educational Leadership and Assessment for Western University.

Christina Hoover is a Director of Learning with a variety of experiences within the education system including teacher, instructional coach and school principal.  In each of these roles, Christina collaborates with education teams and other agencies to enhance learning and wellness for all students.  Christina has her Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership and Creativity.   

Sue Humphry will be team lead for the Learning section of the website.  She has over thirty-five years’ experience as an educator and psychologist and is overseeing early learning services, and is a system literacy coordinator.  She also works in the area of professional learning and supervises Instructional Coaches.  In addition to her work in the area of education she has a private practice as a psychologist. 

Deborah Nunziata will be team lead for the Wellness section of the website.  Deborah has over thirty-five years’ experience as a teacher and school psychologist.   Her psychology experience includes both work in education and private practice.  She sits on many school system and provincial committees and has been a supervising psychologist for psychological interns from many university programs.   She is a requested presenter on many areas of psychology and learning.

Carmen Spitzer will be team lead for International student articles on the website.   She has over twenty-five years of experience which includes:  working with students in Kindergarten to Grade 12, Principal, Inclusive Education Coordinator and Team Lead/Academic Advisor for International Students where she is lauded for the strong connections she makes with students and staff alike.

Jamie Keet will be the website designer and publisher of articles. He has been a teacher and instructional coach for 20 years. Jamie has degrees in Management and Education along with a Masters of Education in Educational Technology