Locating Material to Read

Books available online are a great resource when looking for new and exciting reading material for your child.

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Although research suggests that print books are the best way to go when reading with young children (Klass, 2019), we recognize that access to print books may be limited during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Researchers out of the University of Michigan, reported that when reading print books there is increased conversation between parent and child, as well as increased connection that is made possible.

Knowing that reading print books increases talk about the story from the parent and back and forth conversation, keep this in mind when reading books on-line. Look for those moments to spark curiosity, make predictions and to make a connection to the story.

Books available on-line are a great resource when looking for new and exciting reading material for your child. These links provide you with a selection of great stories and informational books.

Apps for Reading

Audible – Free audible audiobooks for kids (Elementary to Teen).

Tumble Books – Tumble Books free online books till August 31, 2020.

Raz Kids – Raz Kids free 3 month trial for parents.

Epic Books – Leading Digital Library K-12. Free for parents for 30 days.

Scholastics -Scholastics learning from home. “Day to Day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing”

Authors Reading

Being able to hear the author of great stories read to you and your child transports you to a land of magic. Check out this link to hear the authors voice.

We are Teachers – Big list of Children’s Book Writers Doing Online Read Alouds and Activities.


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